UBCRC 2016 Year End Party 年終感謝會!

Can you believe it? The last few weeks of the semester are approaching, and we’re all drowning in projects, papers, and presentations… But don’t fret! The annual RC Year End Party is here! Come take a much-deserved break, and have some fun with your friends at RC one last time before exams start!

This year’s theme is school fair! We have tons of games for you to have fun with each other and our execs, and we will feed you as well! Oh, and did we mention that this event is completely free for all our volunteers who helped out at RC night market last month?!

So what are you waiting for? Let us entertain you and shower you with our thanks and let’s cap off the 2015~2016 school year together in style!

Please remember to sign up for the event by using the link below! See you all there!

If you are interested, please sign up here:






地點 / Location:
NEST 2314

時間 / Time:
Sat. March 19
1:00PM – 5:00PM

價錢 / Price:
Nightmarket Volunteers: FREE (Please RSVP with Ellen & Savannah)
Members: $2
Non-Members: $3

活動結束後,我們還會在 Richmond 的 Strike 聚餐喔~
And when the party ends, why not join us for dinner at the Strike in Richmond~

餐廳 / Restaurant:
Strike in Richmond (4751 Garden City Rd)

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UBC NTG x UBC RC Annual Games Night


地點:Henry Angus 254
價錢:會員$2, 非會員$3 (非會員雙人同行只要$5!)

Like playing board games?
Stressing through the endless midterms?
Well regardless of what you like or how you are coping with school, why don’t you come GAMES NIGHT!
We will be providing snacks, drinks and tons of fun board games! Whats missing? You, of course! So come and meet some old freinds or make new ones! So don’t forget to come and join us!

Date: March 11th, 2016.
Time: 5:00~8:00 pm
Location: Henry Angus 254
Price: $2 for members, $3 for non-members (only $5 for 2 non-members!)

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UBCRC Nightmarket: 2016 All You Can Eat 小淨夜市

UBCRC’s annual ALL YOU CAN EAT Taiwanese Nightmarket is backk!!

Do you remember that irresistibly stinky yet delicious tofu from Taiwan? That chunky and juicy popcorn chicken, and the sensation of walking down a overwhelming street filled with food, games, and laughter? UBCRC will be bringing all that amazing memories back to live this February!

This year our night market will be even more special to compliment the bubbly, pinky, and romantic atmosphere of the Valentine’s day. No matter you are single, couple, or quadruple, invite everyone to spend the evening exploring Taiwan’s culture through its most famous attraction, and to create a different memory of Valentine’s day. This year, RC is also cooperatingwith UBC Origami Club to sell you some beautifully handmade roses, so you can show your love for your friend or that special special someone~ So COME JOIN US :D

一年一度 玩到嗨 吃到飽的小淨夜市又回來囉!!!



心動不如行動,歡迎大家速向淨心舍的社團幹部訂票!數量有限,要買要快,錯過就沒囉!Get your ticket NOW before it’s sold out! Price per person:
Non-Members: $22
Member: $18
Groups of 10+: $20
*VIP Package (includes no lineups, designated servers, priority food service and a special seating area): $30

UBC Ticket Sales
[Monday to Friday 11AM-3PM]
1/25: Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre
1/26-29: Nest Room 4302
2/1-3: Nest 1st Floor
2/4-12: Nest Room 4302

Or contact one of our execs for tickets
Grace (UBC/Vancouver): 778-323-5304
Nicole (Richmond): 778-994-3966
Wendy (Burnaby): 778-558-4818

Event Details
Location: National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre
Address: 6688 Southoaks Crescent
Time: February 14th (Sunday) 5:00PM to 8:00PM

To support sustainability, please bring your own containers and utensils
為保護環境,請大家自備餐盤餐具 :)

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UBCRC 2016 All You Can Eat Night Market Volunteer Recruitment!

Guess what all the foodies out there? It’s our annual ALL YOU CAN EAT NIGHT MARKET again!! :D This year we’re coming back with a different variety of delicious Taiwanese night market fooood!
However, in order to make this event successful, we need YOUR help! :)
Volunteer with us on Feb 14th to meet other amazing volunteers and our execs, also enjoy the food and fun! :)

Nightmarket Event:
Date: Feb 14th, 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm-10pm (*5pm-8pm for customers-time may change slightly)
Location: Nikkei Centre in Burnaby (6688 Southoaks Crescent)

Here are the types of position available which you can consider to take a part in:
1) Server – Give customers their orders (ladling soup, filling drinks, etc).
2) Cooker - Make food in the area outside of Nikkei Centre, at a food station or in the kitchen (deep frying, making wraps, etc.).
3) Game Host – Set up the station you’re responsible for and explain the rules to the customers.
4) VIP Runner – Obtain food for the VIP guests (act as a waiter/waitress).
5) Crowd control – Help maintain customer flow, clear the crowds by entrances, etc.
6) Runner/floater
*Some duties may overlap, please be comfortable assisting in other areas as well.

Orientation session is mandatory for volunteers, it will be held on UBC campus and you’ll only need to attend one of the following sessions:
Jan 28 (Thursday) 5:00pm-6:00pm OR
Jan 29 (Friday) 5:00pm-6:00pm

Benefits of volunteering:
- Opportunity to try some of the delicious dishes and maybe even learn how to make them!
- Gain understanding of Taiwanese culture.
- Great way to meet people and a chance to get to know the execs and the club more.
- Something different to add on your resume.
- Reference letter (if needed)

Soooo, all in all, if this sounds interesting and fun to you, please fill in this form right now! :D

DEADLINE: Jan 20, 2016 11:59pm

We hope everyone is looking forward to this awesomeeee cultural event filled with Taiwanese food and fun games!
Can’t wait to meet you guys!

Post on the wall or ask any of the execs if you have any questions :)
Or you can always send us an email at ubcrcvolunteers@gmail.com ~

- From your excited volunteer coordinators, Savannah & Ellen :D

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[UBCRC x UBCLE] L’Escape Reality 2015

Are you bored of cliched horror movies and anticlimactic trick-or-treats? Are you looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate Halloween with friends? We now present to you the Escape Rooms designed by UBC Formosa Reality Club and UBC Literature Etc.! The immediacy and the sense of accomplishment from unraveling the mysteries is definitely a fearful yet exhilarating adventure for all!

- Dolly Circus
- Psychotic Girlfriend
- Radio 50.5
- Comic Sins

Dates: NOW till 30th October
Location: Nest 1st floor RC/LE booth
OR contact any one of our lovely execs!
See exec info and room availability below :)
***Payment needs to be made during sign-up***

Ticket prices/person:
- Members: $12 per game; $20 for two games
- Non-members: $15 per game; $25 for two games
SPECIAL OFFER: First 50 sign-ups for the PocketSocial app gets to play for $5/game for members, $8/game for non-members!!

★ GAME ★
Dates: 10/30 (Fri) and 10/31 (Sat)
Location: Buchanan D 2nd floor
Times: 6PM || 7PM || 8PM || 9PM
[Games are 40 minutes long, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game time to sign in]

Things to Bring:
- A courageous heart
- An intelligent brain
- Maximum of five other reliable teammates (Each room can accommodate up to 6 players)

哈囉~RC & LE的朋友們,大家受夠了每年陳腔濫調的恐怖電影和豪無刺激性的 trick-or-teats了嗎?你也跟我們一樣想體驗一個跟朋友一起難忘,恐怖驚悚的萬聖節嗎?我們將會帶給你們我們量身定做的密室出逃!破解謎題的壓迫和快感絕對會達到你那興奮又害怕的期待心。

- 鬼娃馬戲團
- 病態女友
- 人質電台50.5
- 黑色幽墨

★ 場次預定 ★
地點:Nest 1樓 RC/LE Booth

- 會員:一場遊戲$12;兩場遊戲$20
- 非會員:一場遊戲$15;兩場遊戲$25
特別優惠:前50名下載PocketSocial app的會員每場只要$5!!非會員只要$8!!

★ 活動 ★
日期:10/30 (五) 和 10/31 (六)
場地:Buchanan D 二樓

- 最多5位值得託付性命的隊友 (每組最多可有六位玩家)
- 勇敢的精神
- 靈活的頭腦


★ CONTACT 聯絡 ★
Ubc RC
RuRu Lee: 778-929-0610
Joseph Liang-Lee: 778-251-7187

UBC Literature etc. 等等主義 (UBCLE)
Melanie Zhang: 778-863-3683
Jasmine Wu: 604-802-8982

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