UBCRC Nightmarket: 2016 All You Can Eat 小淨夜市

UBCRC’s annual ALL YOU CAN EAT Taiwanese Nightmarket is backk!!

Do you remember that irresistibly stinky yet delicious tofu from Taiwan? That chunky and juicy popcorn chicken, and the sensation of walking down a overwhelming street filled with food, games, and laughter? UBCRC will be bringing all that amazing memories back to live this February!

This year our night market will be even more special to compliment the bubbly, pinky, and romantic atmosphere of the Valentine’s day. No matter you are single, couple, or quadruple, invite everyone to spend the evening exploring Taiwan’s culture through its most famous attraction, and to create a different memory of Valentine’s day. This year, RC is also cooperatingwith UBC Origami Club to sell you some beautifully handmade roses, so you can show your love for your friend or that special special someone~ So COME JOIN US :D

一年一度 玩到嗨 吃到飽的小淨夜市又回來囉!!!



心動不如行動,歡迎大家速向淨心舍的社團幹部訂票!數量有限,要買要快,錯過就沒囉!Get your ticket NOW before it’s sold out! Price per person:
Non-Members: $22
Member: $18
Groups of 10+: $20
*VIP Package (includes no lineups, designated servers, priority food service and a special seating area): $30

UBC Ticket Sales
[Monday to Friday 11AM-3PM]
1/25: Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre
1/26-29: Nest Room 4302
2/1-3: Nest 1st Floor
2/4-12: Nest Room 4302

Or contact one of our execs for tickets
Grace (UBC/Vancouver): 778-323-5304
Nicole (Richmond): 778-994-3966
Wendy (Burnaby): 778-558-4818

Event Details
Location: National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre
Address: 6688 Southoaks Crescent
Time: February 14th (Sunday) 5:00PM to 8:00PM

To support sustainability, please bring your own containers and utensils
為保護環境,請大家自備餐盤餐具 :)

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