[UBCRC x UBCNTG] 2015 Ski Trip

How does it feel to be on top of a mountain? You are above the clouds. There is only sky between you and the shinning sun. Everything that is not the sky is painted white by the snow. It is simply magnificent.

You may want to stay on top forever, except that you don’t. You want to go down, you want to go down fast. See yourself breaking through the wind. See yourself blowing through the path of greens, leaving the trees far behind. This is an adrenaline rush at its highest level. Even if you fall, you will be embraced by the motherly touch of powdered snow. It is all fun and no pain.

This year, NTG and RC are going together on an adventure to the APEX resort, a land of beauty and fun. If you would like to join us on this journey, contact us before the early bird deadline of OCT 16 and save $50!


想要滑雪卻沒人揪? 想要交朋友卻不知道去哪找?想要有一個精彩的2016跨年卻不知道怎麼開始?快來參加我們RC x NTG舉辦的雪山飛狐滑雪之旅,保證給你不一樣的大學生活!讓我們一起在APEX的山頂享受滑雪刺激的快感!在大雪紛飛中,結交新朋好友,體驗不一樣的跨年晚會!!!一切都從一年一度最high的滑雪之旅開始!!!

★ Date: Dec. 31st 2015 – Jan. 2nd 2016 ★
★ Location: Apex Mountain Resort ★
(Hotel Days Inn in the town of Penticton)

★ Prices ★
Includes all transportation + accommodation + ski pass + COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST!! :D
Early Bird Deposit: $100 by Oct. 16th
Full Payment: remainder by Nov. 27th

Member ll Non-Member
4 per room $299 ll $349
3 per room $345 ll $395
2 per room $387 ll $437
single room $492 ll $542

Member ll Non-Member
4 per room $349 ll $399
3 per room $395 ll $445
2 per room $437 ll $487
single room $542 ll $592

Other Add-ons:
2-day rental $75
2-day rental + lesson $100
lesson $25

For more information, sign-ups, and payment, drop by our booth or contact any one of our friendly execs! :D

★ RC Booth ★
Location: Nest Lower Floor
Date: 10/5 (Mon) – 10/16 (Fri)
Time: 11AM ~ 3PM

★ NTG Contact ★
Joey Tsai: 778-223-3246
Sharon Chau: 778-251-5887

★ RC Contact ★
Jenny Chang: 604-710-4238
Wendy Wang: 778-558-4818
Edwin Ko: 778-384-7397

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[UBCRC] External Icebreaker: 淨心社綁架事件





日期: 9月27日 星期日
時間: 下午1點- 5點
地點: SUB Party Room (位於old SUB 2樓)
費用: 會員免費!! (非會員 $2) 可在Clubs Days和當天加入會員 :D


How was summer guys! Hope you all had a blast :D

Gotta start off the new year strong, so jump right in to our annual RC External Icebreaker!
It’s the perfect place to have some fun and make lasting friendships in a super friendly environment!

This year, RC is in disarray after finding out about the missing club money and the disappearance of RC’s former president…
No trace of evidence have been found except for clues suggesting a rotten egg among eight suspects.
Who is it? We need your detective expertise and sharp and cunning mind to solve this mystery!

Date: Sunday, September 27
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Location: SUB Party Room (at the old SUB 2F)
Cost: Free for members! (Non-members $2) You can become a member at Clubs Days or at door :D

***Snacks and drinks will be provided during the break***

推理後的晚餐 就是要烤肉壽司
Join us for dinner at Kyo after the Icebreaker!
Sign up: http://goo.gl/forms/Lbj21DEJAE

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UBCRC Presidential Transition

Hello RCers!!

It is my pleasure to announce the newly appointed 20th president of UBC Formosa Reality Club: RuRu Lee!!! It has been a wonderful year full of good experiences and as I step down from the position, I wish RuRu and the Executive team of 2015/16 best of luck in their endeavours!!! Thank you!

Arthur Lai

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Do you see that? That is the steam coming from freshly made Taiwanese Meatballs!
Do you smell it? It’s the smell of crispy fried Taiwanese Salty Peppery Chicken!
Do you hear that? The drums beat in the celebration of the Chinese New Year!!!
Can you believe it??? The UBCRC All You Can Eat Nightmarket is once again upon us!!!

Hey Hoh food enthusiasts! RC is back to satisfy your need for Taiwanese food. Come spend your evening exploring Taiwan’s culture through its most treasured night market foods and fun filled night market games!

一年一度 大家最期待的 好吃又好玩的小淨夜市又回來囉!!!

今年更是特別!我們的夜市正好是在大過年的正月初三。除了以往都有供應的美食以外,更增加了過年不可或缺的美食 - 年糕和發糕!! 當然也會有夜市的傳統遊戲及新年的special舞獅表演,讓各位貴賓們更能吃得過癮,玩得盡興!

So drop what ever you are doing and get your tickets before they’re sold out!
See you there!

Tickets are on SALE NOW!

VIP: 30 $
- 無須排隊即有服務生幫您優先拿取美食送至VIP專屬位席!
- The VIP package includes: No Lineups, Designated Servers, Priority Food Service, and a Special Seating Area!

*UBC SUB Tickets Sale Dates TBA
Or contact one of our execs for tickets
[UBC/West Vancouver] Ewan: 778-321-8150
[East Vancouver] Arthur: 778-251-5180
[SFU/Burnaby] Andrea: 778-855-7199
[Richmond] Nancy: 778-628-5203
[Coquitlam/Surrey/Kelowna] Andy: 604-537-8041

LOCATION: National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre
ADDRESS: 6688 Southoaks Crescent
TIME: February 21st (Sat.) 5:00PM to 8:00PM

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UBCRC January Skate and Dine Hangout

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys had a relaxing winter break and a successful start to the new year! For our get-together this month, we will be going for some ice skating at the Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena on Saturday 24th.

Take a break from your classes, come out, and catch up with your friends and buddies from RC! All skill-levels are welcome, even if you’ve never skated before!

After skating, we will head on over for dinner at the Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant nearby.


大家的寒假過得開心嗎?新的一年開始了,想必大家又要為了課業 / 工作 /社團 忙得死去活來吧!想從繁忙的生活中放鬆一下,在滑冰場上釋放一下壓力嗎?那就在1月24號 (六) 跟 RC 一起去溜冰吃飯吧!

無論你是花式溜冰的得冠者,或是超級新手的初學者,都歡迎與我們在 Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena 一起滑翔喔~ 在冰上盡情舞動後,我們會一起去附近的金海閣海鮮酒家大快朵頤 :D

DETAILS 「重要須知」:

MEET AT: Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena (5670 East Blvd,
TIME: January 24th 6:30PM
ADMISSION: $4.60 per person
SKATE RENTALS: $2.85 per person

Please fill out this Google form to let us know you’re coming and whether or not you will be joining us for dinner:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
For English – Eva (Eevee): 778-237-8569
中文請找 – Kyle (卡比獸): 778-862-5375

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